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  • The Graduate

    The Graduate


    The Graduate is in many ways a great film. The story, the direction, the acting, everything about this film is outstanding. The story is light, funny, charming and full of crazy situations. It's incredible to know the book this film was based on was actually not that good, or so I've heard. All credit goes to screenwriters Calder Willingham and Buck Henry, and to director Mike Nichols and his cast. The direction by Nichols is really iconic, and the cast, with a fantastic breakout performance of Dustin Hoffman, is amazing as well. I loved this film, and in my eyes, it was nearly perfect. And fun!

  • October Sky

    October Sky


    October Sky tells the story of the young Homer Hickam, who after seeing the Sputnik fly through the sky, becomes interested in rocket science. The film deliberately tries to play into your emotions (but which film doesn't), and the pacing of the film could have been handled better, but still, October Sky is an inspiring film, that tells us everything is within your reach if you really try, and especially, if you believe in it.

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  • The Intouchables

    The Intouchables


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I noticed this film gets a lot of praise here on Letterboxd, so I feel the need to explain my low rating.

    I'll just say it: I didn't like this movie. It didn't make me feel anything, or close to nothing. I don't think it's that funny, and the relationship between the handicapped man and the black male nurse didn't resonate with me. It's an odd couple, that's for sure, and I didn't buy any of it. I guess the…

  • Hunger



    Very slow, minimalistic, empty. I really tried to like it, but sadly enough, I didn't. I guess the style of Steve McQueen, good or not, just isn't suited for me. Also, while I can acknowledge the fact that Michael Fassbender can act, I find myself not a fan of his style.