The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★½

I generally forgot I had watched this film, I didn't even make a note of it or jot is down on a list like I do with most of the movies I watch. In fact it only really came back to me today during work and it suddenly jumped back into my brain. I jumped straight onto Letterboxd to see if I'd even logged it or write a review, that's how little of an impression 'The Legend of Tarzan' left on me.

It isn't necessary a bad movie, it had a decent budget, a great cast and a source material that has had numerous adaptations over the years, but still has plenty of story for a new and interesting take on a beloved the character. Unfortunately 'The Legend of Tarzan' isn't ether of those things and trends the same old ground without ever really branching out and if left somewhere in the middle of an origins story mixed with almost superhero mix that never firmly makes a stand and say's what it's trying to achieve.

The problem with 'Tarzan' is that it tires to cram to much into the plot, you have the introduction of characters, backstories, a revenge element, and African country getting rich from some kind of jewel, flashbacks and a slavery angle to name a few things. It spends itself to thin and never really develops anything past the early stages. So come the films finale you're not in the slightest invested and are left with a mass of CGI animals running down a hill and mostly into water presumably killing most of them.

The frustrating thing is that there is a good film here somewhere, but it was lost at some point ether during filming or editing, you have a host of talented actor who aren't really given much to work with. Samuel L Jackson's character really doesn't need to be there, Margot Robbie pretty much gets left behind and Alexander Skarsgard looks like he's been hired purely on the size of his chest. Now that isn't a knock on him, I like him as an actor but once again he's a bit of an after thought and that's a strange thing to say considering he's the title character.

Christoph Waltz once again proves that without Tarantino he's a little lost and really isn't the best at picking projects.

'The Legend of Tarzan' lacks any real excitement, adventure or direction, this isn't going to be the last we see of the character but its certainly going to go down as one of the blandest. Bit of a shame really.

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