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  • Dirty Lies

    Dirty Lies

    What starts out as a Edgar Wright/BABY DRIVER inspired feature rapidly deteriorates into a tepid and shoddy hostage siege thriller as a young overworked intern(Mark L. Young) for an arrogant movie producer(Bryan Callen[THE HANGOVER,JOKER]) and his just-as-snotty and obnoxious assistant(A.J. Michalka[SUPPORT THE GIRLS,THE LOVELY BONES]) finds himself thrown into a dilemma during a visit to the party of three of his good friends(Scout Taylor Compton[WICKED LITTLE THINGS,HALLOWEEN{2007}],Lili Simmons[BONE TOMAHAWK,GEEK CHARMING],Beau Knapp[DEATH WISH{2018},RUN ALL NIGHT]) as they soon find themselves held…

  • House of Fears

    House of Fears

    This dull and uninspired horror chiller from director Ryan Little(WAR PIGS,AGE OF THE DRAGONS) has two teen stepsisters(Corri English[RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN,UNREST,DEVIL MAY CALL]Sandra McCoy[CRY WOLF{2005},NITE TALES:THE MOVIE]) who,at the urge of their assholish father(John Lyde[THE COLLECTORS,SAGA:CURSE OF THE SHADOW]),are dropped off at the party that McCoy was sneaking off to as they meet up with their friends and soon travel to the title abandoned haunted house attraction,where a killer(Lyde) with can take on the identities of a mummy,a clown,and…

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  • It Follows

    It Follows

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Weinstein Brothers score their first nationwide release of a horror film since 2009's Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2,and the first nationwide release of a film under their Radius/TWB label,for this film by first time writer/director David Robert Mitchell is yet another overhyped,overrated horror slop(ala HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES,DAWN OF THE DEAD[2004],MARTYRS,HEREDITARY,THE VOID(2016),RAW,SHAUN OF THE DEAD,MAY,REVENGE[2018)],and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT[amongst so many]) that I'm so sick and tired of hearing about,reading about,and visually enduring. This film plays like a John Carpenter…

  • Mulberry Street

    Mulberry Street


    Before he moved on to the likes of STAKE LAND and COLD IN JULY,genre filmmaker JIm Mickle made his filmmaking debut with this unique zombie/horror feature that depicts what happens when a dangerous virus that strikes the rat population that lurks underneath the urban streets of New York City that soon begins to infect humans and transforms them into a vicious hybrid of rats and zombies as they ferociously run rampant in the city and attack anyone in their sights,with…