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  • Allyson Is Watching

    Allyson Is Watching


    By the end of the 90s,the erotic thrillers and softcore dramas were becoming like hair metal and grunge music in being the same as the rest of the product,to the point that they jettisoned casting well known past-their-prime celebrities and genre name stars to save a cost on their small budgets,as in the case of this Playboy Channel produced drama that has the title young lady(Jennifer Hammon[KILLING MR. GRIFFIN,MACH 2]) leaves her beloved boyfriend(Sean Thibodeau[THE LADIES MAN{2000},LUSTER])'s side to go…

  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters


    This incredibly sensational,artsy visuals filled Italian/British/Russian horror yarn from Italian (short films)filmmaker Mariano Baino(in his only full length feature film effort[ala Leif Jonker's DARKNESS]) has a young lady(Louise Salter[INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE]) travelling to a remote island located in the off shore of Eastern Europe where she arrives at a monastery where her mother was a nun in to locate her missing friend(Anna Rose Phipps),with only a young nun(Venera Simmons) taking kindly to her presence around the area as she…

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  • It Follows

    It Follows

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Weinstein Brothers score their first nationwide release of a horror film since 2009's Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2,and the first nationwide release of a film under their Radius/TWB label,for this film by first time writer/director David Robert Mitchell is yet another overhyped,overrated horror slop(ala HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES,DAWN OF THE DEAD[2004],MARTYRS,and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT[amongst so many]) that I'm so sick and tired of hearing about,reading about,and visually enduring. This film plays like a John Carpenter directed "Sex Is A…

  • I Like to Play Games

    I Like to Play Games


    This Straight-To-VHS video softcore drama from director Moctezuma Lobato(ACCESS DENIED,FORBIDDEN[2001]) and scriptwriter David Keith Miller(TEACH ME TONIGHT,ALLYSON IS WATCHING) is reminiscent of one of the BODY DHEMISTRY films in its depiction of a long haired corporate business employee(Ken Steadman[BEACH BABES FROM BEYOND,INDECENT BEHAVIOR]) who finds himself in over his head when he begins a slowly developing romance with a vicious advertisement agent(Lisa Boyle[LOST HIGHWAY,FACE/OFF]) which turns into something he'll live to deeply regret after they eventually have sex,with Boyle performing…