Escape from Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow ★★★★

This ultimate excuse in modern low budget guerrilla filmmaking from writer/director Randy Moore is not an attack on corporate entities but is also an open glance upon the underbelly of the everyday family man as all is seen through the eyes of Jim([the Ron Livignston-meets-Tom Cruise looking] Roy Abramsohn[AREA 51,CREEPSHOW 3]) as he learns on the day of his family vacation in Orlando,Florida's Disneyland that he just been fired,which is the beginning of the disintergration of Jim as he spends his Disneyland day with his family as he gets into arguments with his unhappy wife(Elena Schuber[EMPTIED]),constantly follows and flirts with two scantily clad teen French gals(Annet Mahendru,Danielle Safady),has a shuffle with a medical scooter bound guy(Lee Armstrong[THE THREE STOOGES[2012],PRESIDENT'S DAY)whose son accidentally crashes into his daughter,and has a sexual romp with a woman(Alison Lees-Taylor[ICEBREAKER,FRANKENSTEIN VS. THE CREATURE FROM BLOOD COVE]) who he finds out is an awful lot stranger than he originally thought. Needless to say,all eventually doesn't end well for Jim even if he's lucky enough to finish his day at Disneyland. A heavily bleak and gloomy drama,ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW puts its black-and-white format to good use as he spends a lot of time exploring the dark side of the Disneyland experience as Jim is seen mentally and physically falling apart,no matter how hard he tries at keeping himself happy only for things to collapse upon him,as Moore makes the film work on its low budget with green screens used since he wasn't able to film the majority of his film at Disneyland(and Disney World) without permission from Disney and gives the audience so,me splendidly memorable shots,as well as great performances from his cats as his lead star Abramsohn delivers such a magnificent performance that it not only makes the viewers heavily forgive him for being stuck in the abominable CREEPSHOW 3,but also wish that he would get much bigger roles in films(ala Sean Bridgers[ROOM,THE WOMAN]). Coming complete with a grim finale(although it doesn't reach anything that is close to a Chris Benoit-esque situation),ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW is a film that displays how things are not so fancy and pleasant in the most pleasant of all places,since it's a surprise that Disney never knew about this film lensing in their place and that they haven't pulled it out of circulation(which to the satisfaction of edgy cinema adoring film fans).

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