Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum ★½

This Korean entry in the found footage subgenre has a coed group of horror orientated Internet vidcasters taking a journey to a remote abandoned hospital that was closed down in the late 70s due to a rash of suicides,with the group spending as much time performing tomfoolery while at the same time walking around the forest and the building until something pops out from nowhere to come claim their souls.

Director/co-writer Jung Bum-shik(EPITAPH,HORROR STORIES) may succeed at establishing colorfully captivating characters to help carry the film along and displaying plenty of thick atmosphere through the film,but (along with co-writer Sang-min Park) fails to create a captivating story as the endless walking around darkened corridors gets rapidly boring and stale as the film marches along to its expected grim finale,resulting in GONJIAM:HAUNTED ASYLUM being another poor entry in the found footage subgenre that would have benefited in being a completely different non-horror film about the adventures of its characters(who deserved being a much better film). With Moon Ye-Won(LEGAL HIGH),Park Ji-hyun(THE DIVINE FURY,THE CHASE[2017]),Oh Ay-yeon(DECEMBER),Park Sung-hun(HIGH SCOIETY,FORBIDDEN DREAM),and Wi Ha-jun(MISS & MRS. COPS,BAD GUYS ALWAYS DIE).