My Therapist

My Therapist ★★★

Writer Mel Goldberg and actress Marilyn Chambers(who was on the verge of completing her porn career),adapted the one woman stage play SEX SURROGANT(which starred Marilyn) into a short lived 1982 cable television series called LOVE YA,FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE,which was edited down into this 78 minute full length feature film,which has Marilyn as a sex therapist who kindly helps a group of various men with their sexual issues while dealing with her jealous boyfriend(David Winn),who questions both Marilyn's job and the stance of their relationship. Although there is plenty of nudity and softcore sex scenes(mainly between Winn and Marilyn),MY THERAPIST closely sticks to its purpose of representing both sex therapy and Marilyn's approach as a vessel of both physical and emotional human connection,with the cast giving splendid performances with the best ones coming from both Marilyn and George "Buck" Flowers(who was also the film[and the series'] production coordinator) as one of Marilyn's patients,a troubled country singer who abuses both his cocaine drug use and his young blonde girlfriend(Robbie Lee[SWITCHBLADE SISTERS,BIG BAD MAMA]),amid Marilyn also dealing with both an abusive patient and an older patient who has his wife later sit near him wearing her bra(after removing her blouse),as well as Marilyn instructing a group of nude people(both male and female) who to properly perform an orgy. Despite being very extremely hard to find,MY THERAPIST is a film that is pretty much worth seeking. Marilyn later acted in several softcore erotic dramas and comedies before (following Ginger Lynn Allen in) briefly returning to the porn industry in the late 90s and early 00s/2000s. With 80s porn star Danielle Martin(in a small role).