The Demolitionist ★★

KNB FX make-up effects man Robert Kurtzman made his directing debut with this muddled actioner that has Nicole Eggert({TV's}BAYWATCH,OMEGA SYNDROME) as a cop who is captured,beaten,and slain(along with her partner/fiance) by the escape leader(Richard Grieco[{TV's}21 JUMP STREET,IF LOOKS COULD KILL]) of a dangerous criminal biker looking gang,with the city's cynical mayor(Susan Tyrell[NIGHT WARNING,FORBIDDEN ZONE]) and a devoted scientist(Bruce Abbott[RE-ANIMATOR,BAD DREAMS]) resurrecting back to life as an enhanced vigilante crime fighter in a futuristic outfit who goes after assorted criminals and Grieco's gang. Kurtzman does a decent job at directing the film and gets fine performances from his stars,for the script and storyline are pretty muddled up as it takes 48 minutes for Eggert to get her crime fighting going and the film mainly consists of shootouts(with blood squips) and a few karate kicking fights,with the only gore scene being one of lead character meeting a gory meltdown demise. It's pretty much a so-so actioner that gives Kurtzman an easy excuse to employ his filmmaking friends and familiar genre personalities in both supporting roles and cameos,which includes the likes of Sarah Douglas(SUPERMAN 2,THE PEOPLE THAT TOME FORGOT),Heather Langerkamp(THE BUTTERFLY ROOM,A NIGTHMARE ON ELM STREET[1984]),Tom Savini(FROM DUSK TILL DAWN,MACHETE),Joe Pilato(DAY OF THE DEAD[1985],EFFECTS),Reggie Bannister(PHANTASM,WISHMASTER),Jack Nance(ERASERHEAD),Peter Jason(THEY LIVE,TRICK OR TREATS),Dan Hicks(EVIL DEAD 2,INTRUDER),and quick cameos by Greg Nicotero and Bruce Campbell. Mainly for fans of Eggert,Grieco,and genre films with numerous genre faces cameos.