The Stranger

The Stranger ★★★½

Eli Roth co-produced(along with his AFTERSHOCK/GREEN INFERNO collaborator Nicolas Lopez) this U.S./Chilean human vampire outing that is a lot better than most contemporary modern horror films,as it depicts a human vampire(Cristobal Tapia-Monit) who arrives in a small South American town to search for his fellow vampire wife(Lorenza Izzo[alias Mrs. Eli Roth]),only to learn that she has died and he soon become the reluctant protector of a teenage tagger(Nicolas Duran) who rescues him from a vicious beating by a trio of punks whose leader(Ariel Levy[made up to resemble Keifer Sutherland]) happens to be the son of corrupt police lieutenant Luis Gnecco,who comes after both Duran and Tapia-Monit for revenge when Tapia-Monit fights back against the gang to save Duran and learns that Tapia-Monit's blood has healing powers--with tragic results(as well as a strong thirst for blood). Writer/director Guillermo Amoedo does a splendid job at making this film fully function and work as he gives it an eerie look amid the film's gritty and grisly presence that it carries,as well as everyone in the cast all delivering strong performances that help make this film compelling and believable. Say whatever you want about Eli Roth,for at least he did a superb job in picking this gore splattered gem(which contains elements of DEATHDREAM,NEAR DARK,and DEATH WISH) to co-produce and proudly bring out to share with the rest of the world,showing that Chile(and South America) can bring to the world decent modern horror cinema that can stand up amongst the rest of the world's genre films. With Aaron Burns(THE GREEN INFERNO's doomed [and dissected] Jonah) as a police officer. The Scream Factory DVD/Blu ray is English dubbed(with no Chilean language audio track).