Tintorera: Killer Shark

Tintorera: Killer Shark ★★

Taking advantage of the mid 70s JAWS inspired Killer Shark subgenre craze,Mexican filmmaker Rene Cardona JR.(NIGHT Of 1000 CATS,TREASURE OF THE AMAZON) took the reigns to write and direct this entry in that very subgenre that is the most nudity filled and slow moving entry in that decade's subgenre,as it has a pair of friends(Hugo Stiglitz[NIGHTMARE CITY,UNDER THE VOLCANO],Andres Garcia[HOUSE OF EVIL{1968},CYCLONE{1978}) who spend their time as shark poachers while womanizing with every female vacationer at the local disco playing Cancun nightclubs. It takes 34 minutes until the first shark attack happens when Stiglitz's latest pick-up-turned-main squeeze Fiona Lewis(DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN,LISZTOMANIA) takes a swim to meet her fatal doom and she encounters the title species of shark. It takes quite a while for TINTORERA to get going as top billed star Susan George(THE HOUSE WHERE EVIL DWELLS,ENTER THE NINJA) shows up 65 minutes into the film to romance both Stiglitz and Garcia and when the shark re-appears 92 minutes into the film to both chew a guy in half(with his chewed off lower body half sinking downward upon the ocean floors) and terrorizes a group of nude female swimmers(including Priscilla Barnes[THE DEVIL'S REJECTS,DELTA FOX]) that Stlglitz and Garcias pick up at the nightclub after George disappears from the film,with the finale pitting Stiglitz against the shark. TINTORERA contains more nudity and hanky panky antics than people getting gorily dined upon by the Tintorera shark,with Cardona Jr. focusing more on Cancun's nightlife scene and the characters' interactions with various people and each other,with the cast delivering decent performances amid the film's extremely slow pace,otherwise TINTORERA is a film that does have its moments even if it's not the best of the JAWS knock-offs/clones. With Carlos East(THE BIG CUBE,FEAR CHAMBER[1968]) and Jennifer Ashley(PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE,INSEMINOID). The U.S. release had the 126 minute film edited down to 85 minutes for its theatrical run.

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