Tormented ★★★½

Japanese genre filmmaker Takashi Shimizu(MAREBITO,7500[a.k.a.:FLIGHT 7500]) follows up his 3-D horror outing SHOCK LABYRINTH with this 3-D follow-up psychological thriller that has a young woman(Hikari Mitsushima[LOVE EXPOSURE,DEATH NOTE:THE LAST NAME]) whose young brother(Takeru Shibuya[KAIDEN HORROR CLASSICS]) is haunted by the presence of a rabbit that appears as either a small doll or as a human sized figure that Hikari soon winds up seeing and being haunted by,which brings their father(Teruyuki Kagawa[CREEPY,SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO]) along as many dark secrets from Hikari's past are released that bring along further horrors to haunt and terrorize her.

Originally filmed as RABBIT HORROR,TORMENTED offers plenty of chilling on-screen sights without comfortably leaning upon the reliance on exploitive elements as there is no duty nor explicit gore in sight(although there is one sole gory demise) as there are many horrific moments that keep the film very captivating to watch,with fine performances by the cast and Shimizu establishing plenty of eerie imagery that stays glued upon the viewers' mind amid Hikari's splendid performance of the lady who is entangled in the horror that she attempts to find a way to escape from as TORMENTED is one film that'll remain as spine tingling to watch as much as it is to visually experiencing it.