Unsullied ★★

Tampa Bay Buchaneers football player Simeon Rice made his filmmaking debut in directing,co-writing,and co-producing this blaxploitation take on the redneck backwoods thriller that has a young black jogger/college racktrack student([television movie actress] Murray Gray[HOLLYWOOD AND VINE,NUNS WITH GUNS]) whose roadtrip to visit a few friends become total mayhem when her car breaks down in a region area where she gets a ride from two young guys(Rusty Joiner[STUCK IN LOVE,BEHAVING BADLY],James Gaudioso) who knock her out and she wakes up tied up upon a bed where she learns that the guys are savage rapists/murderers who have a fellow kidnapped female victim(Erin Boyes[PAY THE GHOST,I AM THE PRETTY THING THAT LIVES IN THE HOUSE]) who they save for reluctant sexual sessions(and later keep her lock up inside of a large dog cage),with Gray then breaking out of her ropes and immediately going on the run throughout the wilderness while both Joiner and Gaudioso frantically pursue after her while killing anyone that gets in their way. Anyone who expects UNSULLIED to fully deliver sheer exploitation thrills will be severely disappointed as Rice is merely more interested in delivering a sheer thriller with Gray slowly unleashing her inner Pam Grier upon the duo(while strongly determined to rescue Boyes to bring her to safety) as UNSULLIED is well acted by the cast with Rice doing a decent directing job even though the film is practically on the level of a Lifetime Channel film(since it contains no nudity and contains very little gore). Briefly given a one week long theatrical release,UNSULLIED is a film that may not be doing anything innovative nor groundbreaking for black audience orientated thrillers,but it is an okay time killer if you ever find it playing on your local cable television channel or have it offered as a free DVD rental(at your local Redbox or library).