Budhanin Sirippu

Director Victor Davidson needs a lot of improvement. This is basically a film that miserably fail to deliver social message to audience. It was pathetically diluted by intolerable romance & other unnecessary scenes which absolutely not fit for the theme of the movie. It's more like episodes which works in pieces - bad narration, script writing & editing should take the blame.

This film more like education programme which appear in Makkal TV since it seems like most of the character become "Karuthu Kandasamy" and explains & taking class on world, social, economic, politics & etc.

Director might be thought character sketch was smart, intellectual & intelligent but end up they all looks like college professors who end up find a way to correct the "system".

P. Samuthirakani seems like modern time Raj Kiran nowadays, whenever he appear he carry a significant role with good message & powerful dialogues . In fact, his scenes are the highlight. It would be better I guess if there's no any sub plots or episodes except Samuthirakani's.

Mahesh & Mithra Kurian's romance portion should be chopped off since it doesn't give any impact to story line except drag the film. Songs sequences add insult to injury.

2 hours duration - go overboard, crap & testing the patience. Editor Idris easily could chop of Vivek - Cell Murugan's comedy, entire songs sequences & romantic portions.

A good example on how bad execution, story writing, character sketch, narration & direction looks like.

It's a 2 hours "kodumai" about India's corruption, poverty, politics, & system "kodumai".

Too bad actor's like Vivek & P.Samuthirakani been wasted in a poor film.

"Theeviravathi yin theevaravatha seilai vida koduramanathu oru audience yin amaithi" - Don't test audience patience with this type film.