Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★½

To say that I wasn't looking forward to Bodies Bodies Bodies is an understatement, and yes, I went against some of my principles today by sitting down for this with negative presumptions in mind. More than anything I wanted to see what exactly that high praise coming out of SXSW was all about, and now that it's over with, I stand firmly in my opinion that this was not at all the smart social satire that it claims to be, and fails miserably in its horror comedy blend.

I'll admit that this was decent in a few areas; within its overall design and the casting (Rachel Sennott, particularly), but that charm wears off quickly between frequent drawn out sequences of nothingness and unnatural obnoxious interactions that find humor in buzzword-ridden dialogue and 'Gen-Z' behaviors that never dig deep. When the killings begin (and this barely delivers on that front either) it never leans into that promised slasher territory -- instead going for a whodunnit murder mystery that couldn't provide any thrills if it wanted to. Wrapping up without any high stakes, trope subversions, and a twist that makes the entire thing feel more like a waste of time.

It's clear that this is yet another genre film that will be swarmed by an audience due to the A24 branding and an ad campaign reliant on other titles to sell itself, and that's sad. At least we still have Pearl next month.


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