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  • American Murder: The Family Next Door

    American Murder: The Family Next Door


    rot in hell Chris Watts you piece of shit. this compulsive liar tried to blame his wife for killing the kids.

    I was skeptical at the beginning because Shanann's narration sounds pretty scripted. If this is all actual footage from her Facebook, then I applaud the film's narrative. It's captivating to read her texts, etc. I agree with Letterboxd member Sofa Sinema who said

    "It's such an intimate glimpse into a family's final moments. No denying the power, but…

  • Heat



    "Hi honey! Guess what? I walked into this house today, where this junkie asshole just fried his baby in a microwave."

    "Cause she's got a GREAT ASS... and you got your head all the way up it!"

    "What the fuck is that? Barbeques and ballgames?"

    "I'm alone, I am not lonely."

    Like all 5 star movies, this movie is one incredible scene after another. And it's rare when a long movie never feels too long.
    the armored car heist

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  • Repo Man

    Repo Man


    - emilio's earring! I love how he changes it to a diamond stud after he gets a job.
    - great soundtrack. love all the music
    - laughs
    - the way they do the generic branding on all the food products. I had the same idea to put that in a movie.
    - they do so much speed haha
    - norms
    - great directing, nice shots
    - love the scenes in the LA River
    - "repo man's always intense"
    - the "plate of shrimp" joke is pretty funny

  • Predator



    - I think this might be Arnold's second best movie after Terminator 2. As others have already mentioned, I'm surprised he hasn't revisited this franchise.
    - Shane Black, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Carl Weathers.
    - the last thirty minutes of this movie are some of the best action movie scenes of all time. there's no dialogue. just quiet. just mano y mano.
    - "get to the choppa!!!!"
    - "Dillon, you son of a bitch!! What's the matter? the CIA got you pushing too many pencils?"