Heat ★★★★★

"Hi honey! Guess what? I walked into this house today, where this junkie asshole just fried his baby in a microwave."

"Cause she's got a GREAT ASS... and you got your head all the way up it!"

"What the fuck is that? Barbeques and ballgames?"

"I'm alone, I am not lonely."

Like all 5 star movies, this movie is one incredible scene after another. And it's rare when a long movie never feels too long.
the armored car heist
the ambush in the desert
the coffee scene
the bank robbery
the hotel
the airport runways
Justine's hot apartment
McCauley's hot apartment on the ocean

The opening car heist is flawlessly executed. They kill off the guards and throw down spike strips for the cop cars. I also love how the surveillance switches sides as they both measure up their opponents.

At the end, the step daughter slits her wrists and Vincent saves her. McCauley aborts his escape plan and redirects to the hotel because "I gotta take care of something."

Chris gets away. Michael gets a headshot. Trejo, Waingro, and Van Zant are executed by McCauley (He smashes Van Zant's window.)

McCauley leaves the hotel and walks away from Eady in 30 seconds flat when the heat is coming. Vincent shoots him dead on the airport runway.

Al Pacino as Vincent
Robert De Niro as McCauley
Val Kilmer as Chris
Tom Sizemore as Michael
Jon Voight as Nate
Amy Brenneman as Eady
Ashley Judd
Natalie Portman
Tom Noonan
Hank Azaria
William Fichtner
Danny Trejo
Henry Rollins
Tone Loc
Jeremy Piven
Dennis Haysbert
Bud Cort
Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump)
Xander Berkeley (Terminator 2, Candyman)
Ted Levine (Silence of the Lambs)
Wes Studi (Last of the Mohicans)

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