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  • Address Unknown

    Address Unknown


    I have been a student of World War II films ever since I could turn on a TV or walk to the movies. Over the years, I’ve learned that because of propaganda reasons, films produced during the war had very clear missions to support the war effort, boost recruitment and inspire a “we will overcome” attitude. That, combined with the desire to entertain and make money guaranteed the war was going to be sanitized. Thus it was a surprise to…

  • Father Is a Bachelor

    Father Is a Bachelor


    William Holden was one of Hollywood’s most popular stars of the 1950s. However, before he broke out in 1950’s seminal drama, “Sunset Boulevard,” he was unhappy with his roles. Too many light comedies – nothing to sink his teeth into. Despite this, I found myself completely charmed by his performance in “Father is a Bachelor” (1950). Holden plays Johnny Rutledge, a vagabond performer who tours the backroads of the eastern seaboard with Professor Ford (Charles Winninger) an elixir salesman (Warning:…

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  • The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm

    The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm


    During these most difficult times - especially this past week - retreating into the movies can restore one's spirit. Hence my desire to see "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" this past week. Unlike other films that we associate with the marvelous George Pal (he directed the fantasy segments and was the uncredited producer, why uncredited I don't know), I have not seen this multiple times - so it was a pure joy. Lawrence Harvey and Karl Bohm play…

  • Chaplin



    One of the biggest gaps in my knowledge of film history would have to be the Silent Film era. I have to admit I am a talky guy. So any opportunity to enrich my understanding of a huge early chunk of Hollywood history is welcomed. Thus, when "Chaplin" was featured the other night, I tuned in. I'd seen pieces over the years, but it was my first opportunity to see the entire film, and I was very impressed. Robert Downey…