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  • Coco



    9.59/10, I feel so crushed but filled with joy, I love sooooo much about this, The music and the emotion they show, Family is so important and this is the exact reminder I needed, Spirit animal things were a little distracting and did the dog die?? But other than that I'm just left with so much more joy now, Fuck, If your putting this off just see it

  • Mystery Men

    Mystery Men


    4.74/10, "We have a blind date with destiny...and it looks like she ordered the lobster" que to play that funky music white boy, This is exactly like UHF but not as funny and more predictable, It's was too much for me, I couldn't handle this movie and I'm not afraid to admit it, If you loved UHF try this out

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  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower


    SCAVENGER HUNT #39 --- JUNE 3st
    3.4/10, I really wanted to turn it off like 10 times but I pushed through for the hunt, What a shit script like who tf talks like that, Also the setting is never really addressed and literally the only hint of it being in the 90's is the cassettes and phones, That guy from hoot was kinda garbage but after the twist at the end I gave him a bit of a pass, There's some so bad it's good in here but I'd still never suggest this, Maybe if you're 12 you can watch this at a birthday party

  • Up in the Air

    Up in the Air


    SCAVENGER HUNT #39 --- JUNE 1st
    9.26/10, Such an incredible movie, Everyone needs to see this stat, I completely feel this movie and this script was unbelievablely spectacular, It's honestly just a small love story grounded in reality with so many different beats to play off of, It's going to go over some peoples heads but I was with it till the end, Can't wait to watch this again