Bloodshot ★½

I don't know why they chose to make this PG-13, because this could have been the gnarliest R-rated action film ever and that alone would have improved this film significantly. There are some R-rated films that should have been PG-13 (cough, Hellboy 2019, cough), and then there are some PG-13 that should have been R (Bloodshot).

Bloodshot is exactly how you'd expect it to be based off the trailers. Except not R rated. It features an extremely boring and formulaic plot, with bland and dry acting from every actor, but the silver lining of some entertaining fight scenes. Except, the film can't even nail the fight scenes really. Have I mentioned it's PG-13? The final fight is just a massive slow-motion, CGI characters fighting while flying through mid-air thing that just reminded me of like a really odd video game cutscene.

The first act was surprisingly entertaining, but then like 30 or 40 minutes in, it just goes downhill and by the end of the film, even that first act has been tarnished. Also, if you've seen the trailers, you've seen the whole film.

Bloodshot was extremely disappointing on almost every level. For those just looking to see some cool fight scenes without any real story, I still think you'll find this underwhelming.