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  • Android Cop

    Android Cop


    Exactly what you'd expect it to be.

  • The Last American Virgin

    The Last American Virgin


    God I hate Gary. He manages to be creepy, rapey, insecure and pathetic all at once.

    He's the jackass that wears a fedora and wonders why he's trapped in the friend zone.

    I Iove this movie regardless, and it has a great soundtrack.

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  • Revenge of the Ninja

    Revenge of the Ninja


    1 star for the kid who both punches and gets punched.
    1 star for grandma. And smoke bombs.
    1 star for that rooftop fight. And robots.

  • Blood, Boobs and Beast

    Blood, Boobs and Beast


    Not for nothing, but there's a handsome motherfucker interviewed in this documentary.