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  • The Eagle Has Landed

    The Eagle Has Landed


    I’m willing to suspend my disbelief – or, at least, extend it very far. Alternate history? I’m in! Donald Sutherland as a frivolous irishman? Sure! But arch brit Sir Michael Caine as a nazi officer? Come on!

    While directed by the very American director John Sturges, this movie has a distinctly British feel; a languid pace, a slow build-up, and a decidedly stiff upper lip in the action sequences. Jolly good show. Well met, old sport.

    It’s funny how some…

  • U-571



    U-571, also known as Foreshadowing 101. Pretty much every sentence uttered by Bill Paxton up until the midpoint, foreshadows something Matthew McConaughey will have to do in the last half.

    Shot with an R rating in mind, the studio decided to go for a PG-13, resulting in the mysterious disappearance of some key players along the way, their on-screen deaths left on the cutting room floor. The studio probably hoped nobody would notice, amidst the mayhem of the chaotic midpoint.…

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  • Searching



    What dazzles you with Searching is not the plot – which, while good (enough), is verging on formulaic with just enough twists to be above average – but rather how extremely well made it is on a technical level.

    Reminiscent of Hitchcock’s Rear Window, where we, as viewers, are stuck in Jimmy Stewart’s apartment throughout the movie, Searching employs a similar tactic; we never leave John Cho’s laptop(s).

    Clever use of tech, like Facetime, lets us see the players, while…

  • North by Northwest

    North by Northwest


    The best Bond movie after Goldfinger. A pity Cary Grant only got to play OO7 once. James Mason is an excellent Bond villain, and Martin Landau is hands down the most evil-looking henchman ever.