Knight of Cups ★★½

I mean... it at least kinda has a plot so I guess that’s a step up from To the Wonder? It had a couple of parts that I quite liked but Jesus Christ why does Malick hate making actual fucking characters so much? I mean, it would make communicating all these deeply personal themes so much easier if I could actually relate to the people in the film. But he didn’t make the characters into actual characters so I didn’t really give a shit. You can tell with To the Wonder, Knight of Cups and (probably) Song to Song that Malick was really trying to recapture whatever he did with The Tree of Life that made it work so well but I feel like that film was just lightning in a bottle, it can’t be recaptured, for whatever reason. Looks like I at least only have one more of these pretentious ass 2010s Malick films to get through before I can watch A Hidden Life which actually looks, y’know, good.

Score: 5/10
Recommendation: No, mild

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