Parasite ★★★★½

I've struggled to figure out how to talk about this movie for 5 days for two reasons.

1. It was the most rewarding thing that I came into this movie only knowing three things: it's a Bong Joon-ho movie and it won this year's Palme d'Or (both these being elements enough to make it among my most anticipated movies of the year) and Song Kang-ho stars in it. Beyond that, I think going in blind is the best experience possible for a movie reliant on the surprises it has inside of it so I want to keep things vague and spoiler-free (so if anybody wants to walk away from this letterboxd post regardless until they see the movie, by all means).

2. It is... not unique. It's pretty clearly holding in it the DNA for all other Bong Joon-ho pictures, but there's nevertheless something extremely disarming about the severity of the material it knowingly handles and the tipsy juggling of that very material into something that recognizes the Hitchcockian balance between gutbusting humor and edge of your seat thrills.

In any case, the few things I will share before shutting my mouth some more until the film releases stateside:
- It is a set design miracle, specifically the central mansion in a showy way that isolates the setting uses surfaces to separate characters and establish their power dynamics in a visual sense.
- There is a sequence right in the 2/3 mark that is a miracle of cross-cutting that really fucked me up.

I will say the rest of this when the movie comes out.

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