Underwater ★★★

The most economical storytelling I've seen in a movie, which on the one hand is easy when it's this cliche-filled but on the other hand means that this movie has the most perfect pace and runtime for itself and bless the fuck up for that.

And it's unfortunate that so much of this movie is murky to the pointthat the lack of vision stops being experiential engagement and starts being repetitive annoyance, but has visual murkiness and underlighting ever felt so suffocatingly thick and textured in that floating wateriness? It works very very well and props up Kristen Stewart as a Sandra-Bullock-in-Gravity type of perspective to slide into every once in a while.

And besides which this movie's foreshadowed turn to monster picture gives it all the best bombastic payoff even if I didn't need Stewart's narration bookending the movie.

Most of all, a movie that populates itself with these kinds of international blue collar personalities and knows that TJ Miller is such a weak link that they attach a plush bunny to his person so that I care for that bunny's peril knows exactly what I'm looking for.

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