Red Notice

Red Notice ★★★★½

Guys I know this is a huge surprise, but I loved this??

Red Notice has some of the most inventive espionage and clever yet sophisticated dialogue/character development that I’ve seen in recent years. The special effects are groundbreaking and not shitty at all. When they were in that bull stadium, I felt like I was there! I was also laughing so hard the whole time, my family literally had to take me to the ER. 

Especially interesting is how the “third egg” is a metaphor for both of these men’s fathers. A golden standard that they will relentlessly search for, but can never quite grasp. They steal and profile in order to regain a sense of control. I know I said that Drive had good metaphorical storytelling, but I’ve never seen anything quite on this level. 

Please take the time to see this film! I really don’t understand the hate for it. I can’t believe we get to live in an era where art of this level is being made. 

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