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  • Black Mask

    Black Mask


    Well, I've been meaning to watch this for a long time. Glad I finally did. It was stylistically over the top, but I went with the whole retro Cato goth thing. I liked the characters, in particular the female characters were likeable. Only problem was it was just a bit too stupid. Still, it had a classic Hong Kong cinema action movie feel, I did not like the fight choreography as much as I has hoped. Jet Li in his…

  • Rikyu



    I believe the first time I watched this was in Frank Hoffman's class. I watched it again later in Philadelphia. Part of my introduction to Japanese aesthetics. I remember loving it, but would like to watch it again. I am surprised these many years later to see who the director is.

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  • Bucking Broadway

    Bucking Broadway


    My introduction to Harry Carey. Super early John Ford. Lovely cinematography. Has a nice serene pace in the country the becomes hustle and bustle in the city. One shot of trick photography, as the plot turns midway through. Well acted it seemed to me. Rather quickly tied up. Strong contrast drawn between the West and New York city in people's characters. Rather unique film in my experience thus far. I give 7.5 stars out of 10. Interesting film with great cinematography with a rather basic storyline and quick conclusions. Quite interesting. Well restored with good music.

  • Curse of the Crimson Altar

    Curse of the Crimson Altar


    Kind of a schlock and kind of a mild sexploitation horror film (it opens with a mostly naked girl tied to a altar being whipped by a leather hooded dude). However, it also stars Christopher Lee and Boris Karloff. Karloff in particular provides an excellent acting performance. Anyway, pretty enjoyable I'd say even if it is silly. 6 stars out of 10.