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  • Lucky



    This is just an absolutely perfect film for me. It's alot like the wonderful "Paterson", except it's a day by day look at the end of a life rather than the middle of one. Harry Dean Stanton is so good here, and it's awesome that he went out on this film. Every actor surrounding him is great as well, and it was a real pleasure to see David Lynch in a small but extremely touching role.

  • Thoroughbreds



    I had a really good time with this one. Anya Taylor-Joy is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses, and all the acting was great, including the wonderful Anton Yelchin (RIP). The soundtrack was really cool, and I loved how the scores creepy drums and pulsating beats worked to build tension throughout the film. My only real complaint is I think if the film was a little longer the characters could have had more room to breathe, and we could…

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  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    I can't quite grasp what I just saw... but it felt good.

  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys


    Saw this tonight at a special advance screening thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse! There was a simulcast Q&A with the cast and director afterwards, and I was lucky enough to get my question asked via Twitter. I even got to see the moderator butcher my last name right in front of Crowe and the Gos! The movie itself was pretty solid. It's a really fun 70's noir, and Crowe and Gosling are an awesome and hilarious duo. I don't know…