Sallie Gardner at a Gallop

Sallie Gardner at a Gallop ★★★★

Well, I had intended to watch my 1000th film today, but the power’s out in the house so my computer’s inaccessible. Stay safe everyone!

Eadweard Muybridge was an edweird guy. His work in photographing animals and people in motion through the University of Pennsylvania apparently happened four years after he got caught killing his wife’s lover and was acquitted under “justifiable homicide” after pleading insanity in 1874. He chose his own name because he thought the surname sounded old. Let’s not forget that he got into a stagecoach crash in Texas years earlier and possibly vanished from record between 1862-1865. His wife died right after they divorced a year after he shot her lover.

This is the life of one of the first people to develop motion photography (albeit a little out of order). You sure could make a hell of a weird movie out of his exploits. Just his one-liner alone is something out of an action thriller.

I have a message from my wife.

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