Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★

Not only did this film not include The Beatles song, it has no score. Like Roma before it, I found this really helped me to focus on words or text since it was subtitled. The theme of the importance of text runs throughout--whether it be plays, screenplays, or the stories we tell.

I was really annoyed that having avoided knowing almost anything other than the poster and short summary on HBOMax, that the stupid summary ruined the 1st part of the film! Grrr. Anticipating something takes a lot of the mystery out, and I wish I'd known nothing. I also wish I'd seen it at the cinema. Ah well.

This film reminded me of another film about doing a theatrical production of Uncle Vanya, Vanya On 42nd Street (Louis Malle) which I highly recommend. My husband said he was lucky I was so aware of the play since I was able to parse much that he was missing. I wonder if this was true for others? Vanya is one of my favorite plays so I was deeply moved by the production choices. As a former actor, I used to long to play Sonya. The parallels between plots and words were not lost on me.

This film is uniquely its own and yet I kept comparing it to others. I meant it to be complimentary. They were all films I love, but I wonder if that reveals some underlying search for connection that was missing a bit? Ha, that last sentence could well be a synopsis for the film itself.

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