The American Friend

The American Friend ★★★★

I finally watched this in honor of Bruno Ganz, who holds my ever-lasting love for Wings of Desire, on this day of his passing. I knew this was he and Wender again, but that & Dennis Hopper were all I knew.

Imagine my amazement at finding this to be a 70s Wender take on film noir with the directors of two of my all-time favs of the genre (In a Lonely Place and Pick-Up on South Street) Nicholas Ray and Samuel Fuller acting in the film! In fact, 9 directors all play criminals in this. And holy hell, it's a Tom Ripley movie!

I'm grateful I saw the 4K Criterion version because Robby Mueller's cinematography is once again fantastic. Also, I really admired the kid's room and the good parenting mostly on display.

But truly Dennis Hopper and Bruno Ganz are the true gifts to cinema here. It struck me as fitting that Hopper was reunited with the director (Ray) who gave him his first film role (Rebel Without a Cause) and Wender gave Ganz the role that made him an international star.

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