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This review may contain spoilers.

I feel awful that we missed seeing this in the cinema, and I know it impacted my perception of it. However, it also led to questions and laughter as we watched.

I just read LB's interview with Robert Eggers, and it turns out he meant for it to be a black comedy. Knowing that made me far more comfortable with my feelings about the film. In addition, he mentioned the influence of Pinter, Shepard, and Beckett on the script. I'd already brought up Waiting For Godot with my husband, but I immediately knew he was referring to The Dumb Waiter and True West with the other two. I admit this deepened my appreciation for this work. It was clear that the acting owed a great deal to the intense characterization necessary for what is basically a 2 person play/film.

And oh, what acting it was. I shall never forgive the Academy for denying, at very least, Dafoe his nomination. One has only to compare this to The Florida Project to be awed by his range.

The cinematography well-deserves its acclaim, but the sound design, though compelling, often made it impossible for me to hear the dialogue. I mean I already had the accents and jargon to make that difficult so it was salt in the wound. Though trying to sustain understanding was clearly futile anyway.

I will say this though, if the last shot is meant to imply that the entire tale is an allegory of the downfall of Prometheus, I'd like to read that analysis. Give me a heads up if you've read any reviews that engage in that interpretation.

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