The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter ★★★★

It was hard to watch this with my husband. I could feel his distaste for its pace and subject matter. The sense of constant foreboding I felt throughout never really found release. Maybe that's the point?

Unlike my husband, the pace and subject matter are supremely interesting to me. I do not have children, but I wanted to be one. My mom, by the time she was 24, was on her own with 3 (me) and 2 year old daughters. It was not easy. This made me think of all the sacrifices she made, and the fathers who did almost nothing. Why is it so much worse for women to find their children hard than for men? Is that changing now? I wonder.

Olivia Colman, once again, fantastic, but so was Jessie Buckley. Even Dakota Johnson didn't annoy me.

I simply can't release the tension I feel from this.

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