The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Man Who Knew Too Much ★★★½

Criterion warned me about all the films leaving at the end of the month, and I actually did something about it!

I have greatly enjoyed the wit and ingenuity of early British productions by Hitchcock, and this was a treat for those reasons as well. Peter Lorre (in his English-speaking debut) is a fantastically interesting villian, and it's worth watching for him alone. Luckily, it also passes the Bechdel test and--in fact, not to give too much away, but female heroines are my jam.

As ever with early sound films, it was sometimes difficult to hear and/or the sound mix was way off. Plus, some of the night scenes were pretty murky, but maybe that's just my tv? I did greatly appreciate how short this was and I recommend it for those with limited time.

Hopefully, I'll finally see the remake as well.

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