tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★★

After Sondheim died, I heard the story about how LMM had sent him this film to get his thoughts. He didn't like the message left at the end. He asked LMM if he could rewrite it and "don't worry about getting the actor back, I'll do it myself." As LMM said, "When Sondheim asks to do a rewrite, you say yes!" Thank goodness.

So, for me, this was an emotional way to process my sadness over losing two legends of musical theatre.

I worked for a professional children's theatre company in 1993 in NYC. We had a show for elementary, a show for middle school, and a one person show for high school. I was in charge of doing educational talks after the shows in our theatre (these shows could also go to schools). The middle school show, Blocks, was written by this exciting up and coming wunderkind, Jonathan Larson. I was in love with the show, the music, and the cast. I wish I could tell you that I have memories of when Larson came to the rehearsal or shows or our office, but those memories are lost. I left NYC in 1994 long before Rent debuted on Broadway. In fact, it wasn't until my mom and I went to B'way a month after 9/11 that I saw Rent and realized it was the same Jonathan Larson. My mind was blown.

This is a great movie musical, and the directing debut for LMM is *chef's kiss*. Andrew Garfield truly surprised me with an outstanding performance and singing voice.

One last note, the one person show for that company? It starred Andre de Shields who turns up as one of the Sunday Legends in this. Wow, I am blessed to have been near such greatness in my 20s.

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