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  • The Man Who Loved Redheads

    The Man Who Loved Redheads


    For nearly 40 years, a viscount (John Justin) enjoys a series of extramarital affairs with young women who bear an uncanny resemblance to his first love. Unaccountably charming comedy of stiff-upper-lipped infidelity. Moira Shearer excels as a quartet of beautiful, dancing redheads, swimming in a sea of frightful poshos. Patricia Cutts also catches the eye as the wonderful Bubbles Fairweather.

  • Trojan War

    Trojan War


    A rather silly but generally entertaining one-crazy-night comedy is ruined by a load of trite teen rom-com nonsense, including one of the most lazily unearned happy endings that you're ever likely to see.

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  • Vincent Gallo as Flying Christ

    Vincent Gallo as Flying Christ


    A Christ-posed Vincent Gallo flies across the screen. As a 13 second film it (understandably) doesn't really add up to much, but watched on a loop for 7 minutes 36 seconds whilst listening to Melis László's Etude for Three Mirrors (1980) it proves sublime.

  • Suzaki Paradise: Red Light

    Suzaki Paradise: Red Light


    A kindly bar owner helps a destitute couple to find jobs on the outskirts of the Suzaki red-light district, but happiness remains elusive. Empathetic, well-crafted portrait of a number of people eking out a living on the fringes of society, featuring unshowily striking photography and quietly affecting performances.