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  • Final Account


  • The Road


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  • Final Account

    Final Account


    a powerful documentary - the first time I’ve heard from those were the everyday part of the regime. guards, clerks, train station workers. those who regret their actions and those who do not. those who don’t believe in the official accounts.

  • The Road

    The Road


    this is good but the book is a MASTERPIECE

    doesn’t hit as hard as the book sadly but also damn the kid can act and the cinematography is perfect - the scene when they find the vending machine blew my mind with the colours

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  • The Convert

    The Convert



    Stoked to have seen it at TIFF and see a q&a with Lee, Guy, and Jacqueline. 

    Learnt a few cool things:
    All the Māori costumes were made by hand in the traditional way
    These versions of the haka was created for the film
    There isn’t as many details known about this specific era of history so they were able to create the story within a pretty loose structure

  • Limbo



    The movie has the perfect name for its theme - Limbo. 

    Really enjoyed this neo noir - it’s slow and not for everyone (shocked at all the other reviews!), but it gets into your head and grabs you if you pay attention and sit there for the ride. 

    The film is also a statement on the problem of missing and murdered indigenous women in Australia and our justice system. The director has lost 3 women in his family, and the…