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  • Walker



    War and the resistance to it are timeless. Alex Cox doesn’t allow such insignificant narrative elements  such as chronology or realism to get in the way of a good yarn - or a political point; a true story is still a story and so reliant on the whims of the storyteller as well as their opinions and worldview. A scathing satire, with a brilliant central performance by Ed Harris, might just make this Alex Cox’s masterpiece.

  • Help!



    Anarchic and charming. Clearer narrative than ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, which doesn’t necessarily make it better, but just as fun.

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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    Wes Anderson truly officiates over his own world, it resembles ours but isn’t it. It’s also not necessarily a ‘better’ world; characters are flawed, deaths are brutal and tragedy hits regularly and with a devastating force.

    Real action, puppets and miniatures, voiceover and non-diegetic narration all pull together - it shouldn’t work, but it does and it rarely fails. Unlike Tarantino’s approximation of our world, Anderson’s pulls us in through connections, which are beautifully balanced (sometimes emphasised) by his formal…