Are All Men Pedophiles? ★★★★

"Are All Men Pedophiles?" is a very controversial documentary that bravely questions the general public's views on pedophilia. Not many people actually know what the hell they're saying when discussing it, and are unaware of how hypocritical they sound, because pedophilia is one of those topics where logic and reason are not allowed. If you were to say, out loud in a public place, that you are okay with non-offending pedophiles, most (if not all) of the people around you will throw looks of disgust at your direction.

This documentary is an examination into the media's depiction of pedophilia, human history, and the inner workings of the brain. It's NOT saying "pedophilia is fine and people should have sex with children whenever they want." It IS saying, however, that the vast majority of people are gravely misinformed on the subject. Some go as far to say that pedophiles are adults who are attracted to teenagers under 18, but they are unaware that the legal age of consent is as low as 9 years old in some countries. Even first-world countries dip as low as 13.

"Are All Men Pedophiles?" also addresses something that people don't realize, or even refuse to believe: the existence of female pedophiles. Pedophilia is a sexual orientation, and orientations are not sex-exclusive. Basically, there could be just as many female pedophiles out there as there are male pedophiles, but females get away with it, because when women are nice to children, they're just seen as nurturing. Because of this double-standard, men are fear-mongered into staying away from children, causing elementary/primary schools to lack male teachers and role models.

There's also the topic of sexting and child pornography. Up to 20% of pornography features someone under the age of 18, and since almost 100% of men and about 30% of women watch porn, chances are you might have witnessed what is defined as "child pornography" without realizing it.

Basically, "Are All Men Pedophiles?" is an extremely thorough look into a subject the vast majority views as black and white (or rather, all black). It doesn't pull punches and hits you constantly with harsh truths and statistics, as well as simple thoughts you just might not have ever considered. It's a visual essay meant to provoke thought, but it demands the viewer be reasonable and logical, something most aren't willing to do when it comes to a topic like this. And that's extremely saddening.