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  • Without Warning

    Without Warning


    I can't help it, I love this cheap, tacky movie.

  • Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper


    One of the most anticlimactic endings I've ever seen.

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  • Jeepers Creepers

    Jeepers Creepers


    Not as good as I remembered, but I still liked it quite much. Sure, it has a special nostalgic value to me, I loved this one when I was a kid/pre-teen, but I think I'd still liked this even if I hadn't seen it before.

    The Creeper is definitely a cool character, I love his looks. And you guys already know how I feel about these demons and other powerful beings who return every twenty-something years to feast on human prey...

  • Moonwalker



    "Come on, I'll show you something special. It's just for fun." Said MJ as he led three children down the dark corridor.


    Ok, ok. I've actually been a fan of his music since I was 5 years old, so this was actually a pretty cool nostalgy trip. It's really not a movie, it's a collection of fragments of his career and apparently a little peek into his imagination as well. A wild trip for sure.