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  • Dune



    For the first act, I thought 'time for a reappraisal!' Then the third act comes along and wooosh. DUNE has enough of Lynch's stamp to be worth exploring for curious fans: creeping figures speaking in ominous ways, strange visions and disgusting blends of audio and images that crawls under your skin. An emphasis on dreaming, waking and a merging of those worlds is also very much in what we now define as his wheelhouse. The issue is probably that these…

  • They Shall Not Grow Old

    They Shall Not Grow Old


    Peter Jackson described this film as a doc from a non-historian for non-historians and that's generally true. You learn nothing of the politics motivating the Great War, none of the battles are contextualized, all of the footage from across various battles on the Western Front are mashed together into an amalgamation of a generic battle experience. That's because the breakthrough technology used on the footage--the main selling point here--is how detailed it is able to render the 100 year old…

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  • Eraserhead


    Assigning a star rating to this movie would be like grading a Salvador Dali piece with a star rating. It's utterly absurd and simplifies the work to the point of insult. Eraserhead has more in common with a Dali painting than another film at your multiplex, it's a piece of art, not entertainment. I would be more comfortable sitting and watching this in a gallery than a theatre with twelve-dollar popcorn combos.

    People constantly wonder what this or that means,…

  • Indie Game: The Movie

    Indie Game: The Movie


    Maybe the best argument against game piracy I've ever seen, Indie Game: The Movie depicts three different independent game developers (all of which are either 1 or 2 people) at various stages of the creative process. One (Jonathan Blow who created 'Braid') after completion and release reflecting on the experience; another (Team Meat, creators of 'Super Meat Boy') at the final stretch as their game preps for release after a long development; and finally Phil Fish, creator of Fez, in…