Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk ★★★

Absurd, trashy and fun western where not a lot really happens. Odd that a movie that is predominantly about four guys walking, and walking, and walking, and occasionally shooting can be so entertaining. That's thanks to the wickedly pulp style to the dialogue with character bantering in what could be Tarantino-lite but is more fun than that. Too bad the visuals are almost always caught in this murky darkness since the cinematographer decided to shoot at least two stops too low so everything, even morning in a house is drenched in shadow. Credits also goes to the characters and their respective actors who all seem to know exactly the type of movie they are in, bringing the appropriate heaviness with snappy style that each of their characters need. Everything is pretty hunky-dory until the third act where it becomes a weird lost sequel to PREDATOR. That's where it either becomes outrageously entertaining or offensively absurd, depending on your tastes. It's funny, this is a sleazy, violent picture that spends its first two thirds trying its best to avoid hurting your sensibilities and the final third defiling them.

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