Gremlins ★★★

Y'all 80s kids are just coasting on nostalgia.

Always love Dante having fun and this is his practical special effects high-water mark for sure, but seeing this for the first time at twenty-five, it doesn't have the same charm. The storytelling is broad and dated, which I tried not to hold against it but definitely made it feel like a bit more of an exercise than it should have. The gremlins are pretty hilarious but become just a third act of creative Gremlin slaughter (which is about 60-40 amazing). The tonal shift is great and suddenly that Simpson's Christmas episode is recontextualized for me. Still, this is such an 80s movie, it should end up in a museum. It even has the "we didn't even try" romantic non-chemistry subplot so common in 80s popcorn movies.

Also, I watched this on a plane in 4:3. Something something I hate fun.