Open 24 Hours


I hate films like this. I am all for a good psychological horror, but this was neither good or psychological, it was just bad.

Having an unreliable protagonist is fine, but in Open 24 Hours it takes that to a whole other level. You never fully know if what is happening is real or in our lead’s head, and by the time that distinction is made the allure of the whole film has run its course. It’s an hour and 45 minutes or the same set up over and over again. Woman with traumatic past things she’s seeing things, she then second-guesses it and believes it in her head, then some weird jump scare, then repeat.

I wouldn’t even call this wasted potential, because these type of films come and go all the time. This was just unnecessary, with no real memorable or redeemable qualities that I can name. The biggest positive I can come to is that I watched this for free because of a RedBox code, so at least I didn’t waste money on it.