Whiplash ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

“If you want the F***ing part, earn it.”
This movie earns its stars. Damien Chazelle’s whiplash; is gripping, impactful and brutal right out of the opening sequence and keeps its steamrolling momentum the entire film. J. K. Simmons sadist performance will haunt you. Even into 2018 and one of the most memorable performances by an actor I have ever seen. The story of whiplash is the pinnacle of oxymoron in filmography. 

Miles Teller’s character (Andrew) in the third act sits with J.K. Simmons (Terrence) in an old jazz lounge and spells out the easiest and somewhat disturbing plot that people need to hear. Greatness, true greatness comes from being pushed to the brink, and then further. The day you think you’ve learned it all or are good enough is when your growth is halted; and this movie shows the crueler aspects of this truth. In the end, Andrew gets what he wants, the recognition he’s been working for; Terrance generates the star he’s always wanted, and inside a quick glance of eye contact between the two, even if they despise each other, a mutual respect for the achievement they both strived for after discovering it together. Creating the most beautiful oxymoron I’ve ever seen in film.

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