Minari ★★★★★

One of the best films ever made, and people think this year is bad for film. Literally just shame on you people. This is one of the most real, and heartfelt stories I’ve ever seen on screen. One of my favorite scores ever. I cannot get over how amazing the score is. The performances are all spectacular and literally all deserve Oscar noms. If Chadwick wasn’t a lock to win best actor, Steve Yeun should’ve had it in the bag. David is literally the cutest and funniest little kid ever. The grandma is also the funniest grandma ever on screen. This film is genuinely one of the funniest I’ve ever seen because of its cute humor. The cinematography is stunning. So many amazing shots. Lee Isaac Chung put everything he had into this film and it shows. The writing and direction is out of this world. This is such an American film too, and normally that’s a bad thing because I don’t like America, but this is just that vibe you want from a film like this. So many moments where my heart literally broke. So many moments where I had a massive smile. It is truly a masterpiece. Best film of 2020, although I’m going to be watching Nomadland like extremely soon. Like probably within the next 12-16 hours. I don’t see it beating this, but if it does, it just proves my point that this is a great year for film. It just feels so original and perfect in what it’s trying to accomplish.

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