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  • Posse



    Really not sure why this is so critically derided, especially on this site? Mario Van Peeble’s direction is solid, the cast is insane, the violence is ridiculous and it’s super fast paced. It certainly has some flaws but it’s not the failure that other reviewers here have made it out to be. I really, really enjoyed it and I would take this over any boring old white dude cowboy film from the same time period. It’s also the second 90’s western I’ve seen this month with Isaac Hayes in it? Huh. Definitely worth a modern revaluation. Evil Billy Zane forever.

  • Apple



    This is Damon Packard’s early Elfquest (!) inspired short film, shot in Hawaii while living in a tent (!!), and while I know next to nothing about Elfquest, and I’m admittedly not a huge fantasy film fan, there’s something about this that totally hooked me. It might be the nostalgic 80’s fantasy film music, it might be those sweeping camera movements, it might be Damon’s signature sound design and innovative editing techniques, hell it’s probably all of those things. This…

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  • Spookies



    As soon as the farting dirt monsters appeared, I knew I was watching something special.

  • Cut-Throats Nine

    Cut-Throats Nine


    One of the most bleak and violent westerns of the 70's. The gore looks like something out of a H.G. Lewis film, bright red and rubbery, but it never makes the movie feel campy or cheap. It has a sense of dread like few others from it's era.