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  • Rapture
  • Men from the Gutter
  • Sartana the Gravedigger
  • Café Flesh

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  • Miami Blues


  • Wattstax


  • High Sierra


  • Seven Beauties


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  • Seven Beauties

    Seven Beauties


    This successfully tightropes humor and beauty with the absolutely horrific in a pretty unbelievable way, proof that the greatest artists can in fact tackle an incredibly ghastly subject and make something not only undeniably powerful yet also entertaining. An absolutely crushing final act.

  • Boot Hill

    Boot Hill


    Giuseppe Colizzi’s third film pairing Terence Hill and Bud Spencer has the duo teaming with a traveling circus in the old west, with Woody Strode as the head trapeze performer and moral leader of the sideshow, George Eastman as Spencer’s young partner “Baby Doll”, and Victor Buono as the sweaty shithead villain. With that premise and lineup of stars, it’s near impossible for me to not enjoy this, despite its admittedly hard to follow plot. Any spaghetti western featuring circus performers gets at least three stars, it’s the law.

Popular reviews

  • Spookies



    As soon as the farting dirt monsters appeared, I knew I was watching something special.

  • Blue Vengeance

    Blue Vengeance


    Legitimately shocked why this is so under-seen, and I’m so so glad that Vinegar Syndrome is releasing this next month so more people can experience it. Director John Christian Ingvordsen plays a cop haunted by the death of his partner ten years prior, and when the deranged heavy metal maniac that caused it escapes from prison, it results in a manhunt through dozens of NYC locations. It’s perfectly sleazy, gritty and violent, and it harnesses a wild punk energy that…