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  • A Strange Harvest

    A Strange Harvest


    Fairly dry but nevertheless fascinating look at the high weirdness surrounding cattle mutilations of the late 1970’s. Features multiple examples of one of my favorite tropes found in paranormal documentaries: When all rational explanations have been explained away, the stern-faced and serious witness has to chuckle and admit “I guess it’s probably martians”.

  • Beach Babes from Beyond

    Beach Babes from Beyond


    Total goofy shit, but it’s damn near impossible to dislike because everyone involved is having such a good time. If you ever wanted to see Joe Estevez wear grandma pajamas or see Burt Ward dance to a song called Got A Woody, have I got a movie for you

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  • Spookies



    As soon as the farting dirt monsters appeared, I knew I was watching something special.

  • Cut-Throats Nine

    Cut-Throats Nine


    One of the most bleak and violent westerns of the 70's. The gore looks like something out of a H.G. Lewis film, bright red and rubbery, but it never makes the movie feel campy or cheap. It has a sense of dread like few others from it's era.