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  • Bloodlust



    Three hypersexual Aussie vampires fight off scumbags, crooked cops and weirdo religious fanatics, all while every Ministry side project blasts on the soundtrack (Revolting Cocks, Pailhead, Lead Into Gold, 1000 Homo DJs).
    Incredibly crude, very mean-spirited, excessively violent, and there’s barely a likable character in this thing, but worth a spin if you’re into that sort of nonsense

  • The Witch Who Came from the Sea

    The Witch Who Came from the Sea



    Some folks on this site have described this film as “funny”, but for me this was about as soul-crushing as you can get. Those last 30 minutes are ROUGH STUFF.

    Special shout out to Jack Dracula

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  • Spookies



    As soon as the farting dirt monsters appeared, I knew I was watching something special.

  • Cut-Throats Nine

    Cut-Throats Nine


    One of the most bleak and violent westerns of the 70's. The gore looks like something out of a H.G. Lewis film, bright red and rubbery, but it never makes the movie feel campy or cheap. It has a sense of dread like few others from it's era.