Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World Dominion ★★

Interminably long.

They take two sets of characters, split them up on different missions, and then follow each set for way too long before going back to the other set, obviously reuniting them all in the end so they can pose for a cringey freeze frame after almost being eaten by a giganotosaurus.

Also, random aside, but why does every tech-focused megalomaniac need to be modeled after Steve Jobs? There's gotta be other ways you can go with this. Not only that, but the HQ is circle shaped and has a giant open space in the middle just like the Apple UFO? Seems strangely coincidental.

As for all the throwbacks to the original, far superior films, just GTFOH with that. There's some pretty bad callbacks and fan service throughout, but framing the T-Rex in a circle like the original posters was just especially bad. Give me a break.

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