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This review may contain spoilers.

Holy Shitballs!
*insert captain america "i understood that reference" gif*

Deadpool is so fucking refreshing. Superhero movies are getting pretty serious now, especially Infinity War, probably because they are getting deeper into the story ... or you're just the DC Universe... why so dark.

Once again, the crew behind Deadpool killed it. I give this a rating of "fan-fucking-tastic" and I mean it. Other than my fellow movie-goers trying to hold it back, this movie was super hilarious and I could say it's funnier than the first. But yeah, my theater had a horrible audience. Only me and a few other people around me laughed at the jokes. At least the ones that were laughing, laughed as hard as I did. I guess we're the really fucked up people in the crowd, or we're just laughing our way through life's shit, maybe I should be in the DC Universe...
The rest of the audience, including my friend, was pretty much dead except for on the big jokes. I blame the 9:45 pm timeslot.

There were a lot of surprises as well, but I'm shocked they never said anything about Cable being Cyclops' son. Oh well, atleast Cyclops was in the movie... confused? You must've blinked. FeelsBad.

Loved the side characters again! Domino was great, Cable was racist but fantastic, Brown Panther is getting better at his job, TJ Miller is still just there, Blind Al is looking the other direction again, Colossus finally said Fuck, and the kid who played Russell is a really great actor! We didn't get as much Negasonic Teena... fuck her name is long, but the rest of the X-Force made up for it.

Brad Pitt made a "holy shit that was unexpected" cameo and Juggernaut was actually huge this time, so that's good. Those post credit scenes were BAH GAWD material. Super unexpected but honestly, I love how they let Deadpool make fun of their dumb mistakes in the past by Fox.

Overall, if you loved Deadpool, you'll love Deadpool 2. Wait, this is a spoiler review... If you haven't seen the movie already, why the hell are you here?

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