(Not A Review.™)

Long-time followers know I tend to go dark on this account frequently, usually due to illness and/or burnout. I'm going to try something a little more formal, and walk away deliberately, at least for a time. If my breaks from Twitter doomscrolling are any indication I'll probably be back sooner than I should, but I sincerely hope not.

Tomorrow I'm letting my annual Letterboxd subscription lapse, for the first time since I joined in 2013. (Patron since 2014, I think.) The proximate cause was the admins' nuking of pd187's account, but in all honesty, I unfollowed them a couple of years ago because I wasn't comfortable with their core gimmick, and I'm too bone-tired and brain-fogged to have anything resembling abstract principles worth acting on these days.

The reality is that I have never found a way to square being on this site with my conviction that basing a significant portion of my energy/ego/substitute-for-a-personality on performative consumption is a bad idea for me personally. Wiping out my ratings to focus solely on review content a couple of years ago helped stave off this crisis for a while, but as my body and mind continue to decline with chronic illness, I find myself increasingly unable to do adequate work, and unwilling to lower my standards even more.

I continue to genuinely enjoy and respect the people I follow here; I have always read as much of my activity stream as I could, and never given a Like that I didn't mean, even if only in recognition for a turn of phrase or infectious enthusiasm. If I fail in my experiment, I can think of worse fates than getting to once again appreciate what you all share freely, eloquently, and passionately.

Either way, as always, thanks for reading, and be well.