Mississippi Grind

Okay, so, true story. When this film ended I leaned over to a shelf three feet away, cracked open a wrapped Bicycle deck, stripped the jokers and that stupid card about the goddamn app that these cards ship with now, did four dovetail shuffles and a sloppy one-handed cut (I'm out of practice), and dealt two blackjack hands. Player had 20. Dealer had 21.

I get the appeal of a movie like this maybe a little too well, is what I'm saying. Which is probably one reason I disliked it so much.

Mississippi Grind is a film about people who don't know when to quit that has the same problem. Riddled with too many familiar-faced ringers to work as a slice-of-life tale, and padded with regional blues tracks and local color montages which give it the feel of a themed casino night. The stakes never feel real because the movie is just as hypnotized by the flashing lights and clatter of chips as the "beautiful losers" on a hot streak are.

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