Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Another case of hoping I’d mellowed on rewatch. Nope. I’ll at least try to keep this short since my original ranty review is (irritatingly) my most popular review ever for some reason.

Still not at all fond of the commercial realities that force this movie, like every other terrestrial Marvel movie, to be a referendum on Tony Stark. Admittedly it makes a lot of sense in-universe that Parker/Spider-Man would inevitably be shaped in relation to Stark/Iron Man, but spending an entire origin movie watching him define himself by negative example is even more tedious than watching Uncle Ben snuff it yet again would have been.

The actors are almost uniformly great (with Jon Favreau the weak link as usual), demonstrating the script’s true, perhaps only strength: the character-based humor. (Or, in Michael Keaton’s case, resentment. As with Batman all those years ago, Keaton is the only one in the movie who actually seems unstable enough to don the suit.) Every time the film tries to be funny or clever otherwise falls flat, the action is incoherent, and the attempts to force John Hughes tropes into a gen z film are cringeworthy.

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